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For those who are currently homeless or who may be at risk of losing

their housing soon, the following resources are available in Weld County

Help Line: Call 211 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm to connect with local call specialists that will make you aware of a wide array of resources, including availability of space at emergency shelters

Housing Navigation Center (HNC): 970.353.4300, 2930 11th Avenue, Evans

Helps those experiencing homelessness regain housing and prevents those at-risk of homelessness from losing housing. Provides essential services to help people survive homelessness (cold weather shelter, shower, laundry, mail collection, health care resources, financial counseling, etc.)

Cold Weather Shelter: 970.353.6433, 2930 11th Avenue, Evans

For single men and women over 18 - Open Nightly 7pm-7am

Catholic Charities Guadalupe Community Center: 970.353.6433, 1442 N. 11th Avenue, Greeley

Open to single men, women, and families

Greeley Transitional House: 970-.352.3215, 1206 10th Street, Greeley

Open to families only - can consist of adult(s) with children, two adults without children, and single, pregnant mothers

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